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Founder, The Lift Garage
Cathy Heying
Cathy Heying holds a BA in Social Worker, an MA in Pastoral Ministry and AAS degree in Auto Technology. With her variety of degrees Cathy likes to joke that she just prays over cars rather than doing any actual mechanics. Cathy worked for 15 years as an advocate with people experiencing homelessness before founding The Lift Garage. The Lift is a nonprofit auto repair shop that provides low cost car repair for low income people.
Episode: The Lift Garage
Air Date: June 15, 2015
What if a simple car repair could help lift a person out of poverty? Cathy Heying believes it can and that’s why she changed her life to become a mechanic and open The Lift Garage. Cathy is our guest this week on BetterWorldians Radio Spotlight. She’ll tell listeners what inspired her to become a mechanic at age 38, and how she’s changing lives in the process.